Site Features

Your Streamline Super Site is packed with features. Below is a bullet list of these features.  If you do not see the feature you need in your site you must let us know before signing this contract.

  • Auto updating options for the brands you sell - With our maintenance packages you can spend your time on business and let your site update new parts, and pricing automatically.

  • Design Style Choice - You will go through a mock up phase with your new site.  Your home page colors, content and images are custom and built to your specs.

  • Banner options – Your new site can use Rotating banners or Pro Style Banners with in banner animation (sample shown on demo site.) *Note that Pro Style requires knowledge from site owner to change and update.

  • Choice of Social Icons – Choose the social icons that shows off your style

  • Easy to use video fields – Your content and product displays are designed to allow you to drop in a valid YouTube link and allow you to better show off your company, brands or events via video.

  • ASAP Brands loaded to your site – Your new site will be loaded with brands you love from the ASAP Network. You must have been approved in advance to receive the data sheets from each brand.

  • Professional Products displays – Site will include displays for those lines you choose from the ASAP Network. Displays have ability to provide multiple part choices in one display (as shown on the demo video).

  • Custom brand icons – Search by Brand field allows for custom icons for each brand

  • Full site search capability – Search by category, brand, sku, term and Year, Make, Model

  • Customization of category and brand page header graphics – Insert visual graphic headers for your category pages and brand pages.  (Option to have developer add for you)

  • On sale notification in product display – Show your visitors the retail price and how much they save by buying on your site.

  • Faceted filter search – This means that your visitors will never click a category or brand link only to be shown “no products found”.

  • Year/Make/Model Search – Site to include search filter to allow customers to search by year make and model. (only parts that have been given fitment will show up under the search fields).

  • Customized web forms – You can use web forms to allow shoppers to get a custom quote, RSVP for events, ask questions or just contact you. Submissions for these forms are sent to you via email as well as being stored on your site for quick reference at a later date.

  • Internal site word links – Use word link to let your site know to look for a certain word or phrase and automatically insert a link to an internal page or external page of your choosing.

  • Integrated shopping cart – your new site and shopping cart are integrated. This means you can edit, add, delete and maneuver through your whole site with ease.

  • Unlimited Images, sku’s and bandwidth – You are never limited by the size of your site. Add as many images and parts as you like.

  • Bulk pricing adjustment per brand – Quickly and easily adjust an entire lines pricing up or down by a percent with a click of a button.

  • Integration of Payment Processing account – Site will be integrated with clients payment processing. Both processing via traditional banks as well as PayPal are available. (Ask about getting set up with a bank processor).

  • Page view count – (Seen only by you when you’re logged in) you can see just how many people have viewed a page on your site. This is great when you’re running a social campaign and don’t want to wait for analytics.

  • Google Analytic s Tracking – your site allows for analytics tracking within 1 day of launching.

  • Aftermarket part fields for better filter search – Example: Search by pull capacity, bed size, engine type etc. These filters can be shown on the left bar for better navigation on your site.

  • Shipping quotes from UPS / FedEx / USPS – Use your business accounts or a general account can be added so your visitors can pick the shipping carrier and time that suits them best.

  • Tracking Email - Your new site allows you to insert a tracking number and sends out email to your customer so they can track their shipment.

  • Multiple Shipping fields – site to allow for multiple box sizes on a product. This is important with parts like suspension kits that exceed shipping weights for overall kit but that ship in many smaller boxes.

  • Domain based emails – info@, yourname@, support@ (example) up to 4 unique emails

  • Sales Reports – Beautiful sales report page to let you see your overall sales, average sales, sales by product, user, day, month or year including sales tax reports.

  • Sales tax collection – your site will collect sales tax on items that are shipped to your business state.

  • Auto generated unique Meta descriptions – your new site is coded to take the first sentence of your part description and use this as a Meta description for search engines to better understand what your product offerings are.

  • Category tree – Your category tree will be structured off the ASAP brands data however you can quickly add new categories, sub categories and brands as you have the need.

  • Search engine friendly URL structure – The url’s on your new site are called “Clean Urls”, they are created on the fly based on the title of your product display or page content.

  • Auto updating site map – your site automatically sends out a new site map to the search engines each time you change or add content to your site so new pages can quickly be indexed for search queries.

  • Responsive platform – your site is built on a responsive platform, this means that it pings out to your visitor before they reach your site to determine the screen size on the device they are using to give them a better experience.

  • Mobile Friendly – Google will tag your new site as mobile friendly. Standard Mobile layout can be seen by accessing this site on your mobile device. Any customization to the standard layout will be an upgrade and quoted separately.

  • Custom social sharing field – your site has a share button on your content and products that allow visitors to share the page on over 150 social sites as well as email the url to friends and family.

  • Newsletter – keep in touch with your customers with your simple newsletter function. Site is set to auto subscribe any customer that has purchased via the site. Newsletter is spam can compliant with an unsubscribe link in the footer.

  • Gallery – you new site has an easy to add, edit section where you can show off your builds or those builds from customers.

  • News – if you like to blog then you’ll love the news section, you can call this section anything you’d like but it is a content type that allows you to write about things that are interesting to your customers.

  • International Shipping – International shipping quotes based on your carrier set up.

  • Bulk Importing of any brands product data sheets - site will allow for import of mapped products to the back end. You can load an entire line on your new site in under 20 minutes.

  • Shopping cart tracking – Orders on your site will display the various stages that a visitor went through with an item(s) that were placed in the cart.  These include finalizing the purchase.  Sending out of auto generated emails to remind visitors of items in the cart is not included in this quote.

  • Affordable maintenance plan - We do all the work!

  • SSL Certificate – Should you choose to host your new site on our servers you will never have to worry about your Security Cert. Security certificates are what make an http site become https. This is mandatory if you are using a processor other than PayPal and Google has announced that they do indeed take that security into consideration when ranking a page.

  • Unlimited admin accounts – Drupal is permission based CMS. You can create unlimited accounts and determine what those accounts can and can’t do on your new site.  This is great when you have staff that need to access content but should not have access to other areas of the site.

  • 7 day a week access to our team – Our clients have direct access to our project manager’s direct cell phone and can call for help 7 days a week.

  • Training and support – Full training will be provided.  One on one training of the use of the Admin section will be provided as well as a SEO overview.

  • Hosting – Our server equipment resides in a tier 4 data center in Las Vegas NV. This center has 6 levels of security including bio metric and has redundant features for internet and power connections.  Our hosting plans and maintenance plans are optional.

  • Product updates – You can choose to update your ASAP Products on your own or choose a maintenance package and we will do all the updates for you.  This applies only to the brands that host their data on the ASAP Network.

Optional upgrades

Ebay Integration - Do you sell on Ebay? If so we can integrate our custom Ebay module that allows you to select a part or bulk push any items on your website to your eBay account.  This save you tons of time and notifications from eBay are sent back to your site.  This feature is a added fee, 1 time of $1700.00

Quick Books Integration - Do you want to save time with your book keeping? We can provide Quick books integration depending on the version and if it is desktop or online version of Quick Books.  Average for Desktop systems is $1200.00

Instagram and Facebook Feeds - If you'd like site visitor to see your most recent Facebook posts or your most recent Instagram images, we can integrate those into your new site.

Facebook Log in - If you would like customers to be able to log into your site using their facebook log in we can integrate that feature into your new site.

Other third party integrations - As long as there are clear API instructions, we can integrate just about every third part application into your new site.  Cost will be based on what we are provided and the time it will take to create the flow.  Talk with us about your wish list and we can get you the right features and functions for your new site.