Can I get a streamline site if I don't choose a maintenance plan?

  • Yes, it really won't be a streamline if you don't opt to have the updates for parts in play.  Each website must have a hosting plan, it you choose to host on a third party host, you will be responsible for all updates and limitations that the host of your choice has set in place. We can also get you a quote for a fully custom site that is not a streamline.

What happens if I cancel my maintenance plan?

  • You will be required to contract for at least 1 year under any maintenance plan we offer.  If you cancel before the year you will be responsible for the completion of the contract.  You own your new site when you have completed payments for the development. If you wish to move your site to a different host we will bundle your code and deliver it to you so you can install the site on the servers of your choice. 

What happens if I stop the updates to the parts on my new site?

  • Nothing happens to your site.  The parts that are loaded are live data and do not go away unless you delete them or disable them. We're not animals, we want you to be successful and would never remove potential sources of revenue from your site. The addition, discontinuing or editing of any parts on your site that is not on our maintenance plan will be your responsibility.

Do I have to be a member of ASAP Network to get the streamline site?

  • Yes.  The streamline sites are updated directly from the ASAP Network and you will have to maintain your user account.  The good news is membership is free so there is no downside to being a member of the ASAP Network.

Can I carry lines that are not offered on ASAP?

  • Absolutely!  The parts that are loaded on your new site and updated in your maintenance plan will be restricted to the ASAP Network brands but the new site is 100% your site.  You will be given training on how to load a bulk data sheet for any brand you wish to sell as well as training to load parts one by one.

Can I upgrade the features on a streamline site?

  • Yes. We created the back end of the streamline sites to be beefy and full of features you won't find in an out of the box shopping cart but we can get you a hybrid of both a fully custom site and streamline.  Just contact Amanda and tell her what you have in mind.

Can I add more brands to my streamline site in the future?

  • Of course. ASAP Network is constantly adding more lines that are committed to your success.
  • Once you're live you just need to foward your approval email to our team and the new brand will be loaded to your site.
  • or you can use your site tools to load the data sheets for the brand yourself

Can I start and stop the maintenance plan?

  • No, the maintenance plan is designed to keep you up to date with the parts you sell. 
  • If you wish to decline the maintenance plan you can have our team load / update ASAP brands for $95.00 each occurrence.

What happens to the parts I have on my site now if I go with a Streamline site?

  • If you have the ability to export your current products from your existing site we can load them into your new site.  Please note that time will need to be spent to organize your categories to make sure your existing categories work with the ASAP standard base categories.

Do I have to host my new site with you or can I host somewhere else?

  • No, you don't have to host your site on our servers.  If you are hosting on a different server you will be required to pay off the balance of what you owe on the production cost of the project prior to moving your site.

If you host your site elsewhere you are responsible for the following:

  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificate for your site
  • Back ups of your site
  • Security patches
  • Module updates

There are features I would like on my new site that I don't see listed. Can I add features to a streamline site?

  • Yes, the streamline sites come with features we felt the majority of site owners would want on their website.  If you need special functions and features we can go over your needs and quote the cost of your desired options.